April and May 2019 Retrospectives


What Went Well

Finally went on a honeymoon/babymoon. We had to cancel our previously planned February trip to Belize after learning that Maggie was pregnant.

Instead, we spent the last week lounging around the San Juan Islands, where we read, ate, kayaked, and found some whales.

I read a ton of books. I'm moving my personal/business projects in a new direction starting this quarter, and found myself seriously lacking in subject matter expertise. Setting aside time to intentionally study these things has helped tremendously.

My lifting and sleep schedules have greatly improved. I've been making a special effort to sleep enough, eat well, and lift regularly, and have started to see positive result in the gym. I put on a few pounds just before and during our honeymoon, but I'm confident I can trim them off again. :)

Things To Improve

Focus. Knowing that I'd be starting a new job soon, I felt pressure to "wrap up" all the things I wanted to do on my extended break. The result was very fractured attention, and very little progress in any particular area.


What Went Well

I closed shop on the e-commerce store. In line with "focus" above, I decided to cease operations on the e-comm store I started in December. While it was both profitable and interesting, it is also a massive time-sink. With a new job and a baby on the horizon, I needed to clear my plate. While I'm disappointed I didn't get it to the level of automation necessary to keep it running on autopilot, I still consider the overall experience a win.

Things To Improve

Retrospectives. I completely skipped doing last month's retro.

Focus. Just like personal life, I need to trim down the number of projects, set more realistic goals, and hold myself accountable for week-to-week improvements. As my honeymoon approached, I let my dashboard grow stale and basically stopped paying attention to my lead and lag measurements.

Sharing out new/big plans. Maggie and I have a joint effort in the works. Our napkin math tells us the whole thing will take about 10 years to accomplish. We still need to break that down into more incremental steps, but we know what we need to start with.

More news on this soon. :)

Facebook Update

I'm flying down to MPK tonight for my orientation at Facebook this week. I'll be returning Wednesday to continue Bootcamp in Seattle.

So far, I've been really impressed with their onboarding experience. They've clearly put a lot of effort into making it an enjoyable experience for incoming employees. What I enjoy most is the excitement and engagement from the people coordinating. It really sets a positive tone for everyone else involved.

My cohort has over 200 people, and they've been busy getting to know each other (in a Facebook group) over the past week. It really previews the positive power of Facebook in the context of small group settings, something I've been exploring more and more following their announcement to move from "town hall" to "living room" style conversations.  


I suspect the next three months will be dominated by Facebook and baby updates. I apologize in advance right now.

Until then...

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