February 2019 Retrospective

Since I'm nearly a month late getting the February retro out, I'll keep it brief.


Big month on the personal side:

  • We heard our baby's heartbeat! So crazy. Maggie is out of the first trimester, and back to being able to eat food. Finally.
  • Found a new apartment! As of 3/16, we've moved to Ballard.

I have more news, but I'll wait to include it in the March retro.


Business... ugh. It's been rough, mostly due to my own tendency to get distracted. Though, admittedly, I have some good things to be distracted by.

  • Finished the branding exercise and initial website design for the Ambitious Mission (AM) placeholder site.
  • Bought a small online store—part of the overall (and yet-to-be-fully-articulated) Ambitious Mission strategy.

The store acquisition was time consuming and stressful. Ultimately, I'm not sure I'd go this route again without doing much deeper due diligence. I also hit some road bumps due to poor judgement on my part.

  1. As soon as the sale went through, I learned about a primary supplier's consistent delays.
  2. I learned that much of the marketing machinery wouldn't be able to be transferred, because it was an asset sale rather than a business sale, and Facebook doesn't allow you to sell audiences without also transferring the business.
  3. I burned a lot of time and money hiring someone who didn't have the marketing experience I needed.


I mentioned I would start relaying revenues for everything related to AM's retail arm. I.e., I'm not going to break down AM's costs, but I will provide high-level income information associated with any acquired businesses.

February Sales: $236.24

Sales isn't an especially interesting number, but since February was a short month I'm keeping it simple. I'll get these into P&L format soon enough.

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