March 2019 Retrospective

Once again, I'm a couple weeks late in getting this out. I'll keep it short and sweet.


Downtown -> Ballard

We completed our move to Ballard in March. Given how frequently I change addresses, a few moves back I started hiring people to pack and move. They're able to do in a few hours what takes me weeks, and spares me a lot of stress, property damage, etc. We went this route again, and I didn't regret it.

If you're looking for movers in Seattle, hit up Best Coast Movers. Their customer service was over-the-top good.

I'm enjoying the neighborhood so far. Found my new gym, coffee shop, grocery store, and favorite restaurants. So... I guess I never have to leave. :)

Baby Stuff

No huge updates. Everyone is healthy and happy. We spent some time in March and April evaluating midwives,  home birth vs hospital birth, etc.

Health and Fitness

During Maggie's first trimester, she wasn't able to eat, and I was stress-eating. So... she lost ten pounds, and I gained ten.

But she's finally eating, and I'm finally stressing less. I'm back at the gym 3-5 days per week. After evaluating several facilities in the area, we decided to join the Olympic Athletic Club. Plenty of powerlifting equipment, clean facilities, and super reasonably priced. (Like, I was shocked at how reasonable it is, given the image the place projects.)

January 2019 vs October 2012

As I get older, I find myself focusing on my health more and more. I'm trying to appreciate the progress I've made so far... but I also don't want to grow complacent, or self-limit my potential. There's so much more to do!


Starting in March and April, I started focusing more on the mechanics of marketing and advertising—surveying common strategies and tools, and experimenting with them on the business. It continues to be hit-or-miss, but things are trending in the right direction compared to February.


Continuing to ramp up, albeit slowly.

March Sales: $1127.97

(Note: I'm writing this March retrospective in mid-April, and things have continued to move in the right direction, even in the face of personal life distractions.)

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